Surprised to meet Lead singers of Temptations, Drifters, and

I met some famous people:  Two Lead singers for the Platters and Temptations and Drifters. We had a nice chat the day before I heard them sing STAND BY ME and MY GIRL at the concert the next day. Just to say, you never know who you will meet next.

I met  another famous person:  Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Winner of America’s Got Talent. The day before the concert, when Landau and I were talking, he shared how God had led him from rags to a Hollywood star. We shared alot of ways God had led us into our purposes. He invited me and my husband to come to his concert the next night. Even though I had been talking to Joe at the book signing table, I never knew he was a lead singer for one of my favorite songs until I attended the concert. So glad I did. These three men were awesome and both my husband and I enjoyed their friendship and their singing.




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