My Journey to Ephphatha is my first book. I never had planned to write a book, but the journey for writing was quite a bit more than expected. It has been an interesting addition to my life and of course my husband’s too. If it weren’t for him and his technical ability, I think I would have given up trying to get this book published. I still have a lot to learn in that area, but Don taught word, excel, and desktop publishing with page-maker for adult high school.

My Journey is just that. It covers most of my life and events that lead me to a purpose which I believed was all part of God’s plan. As I looked back, everything fit together like a puzzle in my life. Every event seemed to have a purpose to lead me in a certain direction.

It is my hope, as you read my story, you take time and look at your life and events that have happened and how in some way God led you on a certain path or opened your eyes and heart to something or someplace where you were meant to be.